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USA EV/Hybrid 2012 Tour — Sponsor Search
Dec 8, 2011, 16:58

Work on this Prius!
Dec 8, 2011 — Priced at $299.00, the class includes our 2012 350 page "Hybrid/EV Technology and Service" manual. We plan on visiting all 48 states (sorry Alaska and Hawaii). The Prius pictured above is loaded with parts, equipment, and a portable classroom. If you are interested in hosting a hybrid class at your shop or school, drop me a line.

Below are the vehicles worked on in the class:
Hybrids/EVs: Toyota – Lexus - Ford - Mazda - Mercury - Honda - Nissan - GM - Saturn - BMW - Mercedes - VW - Porsche - Hyundai - Tesla - Mistubishi - Kia

With more hybrids hitting the road, and most OEM’s in the game or planning new hybrids and Electric Vehicles (EV), when are you going to get ready? Taking this 8 hour class will get you started on the EV/HYBRID HIGHWAY!

This class will answer your questions, from jump starting a hybrid to diagnosing a drivability issue. Craig Van Batenburg, a Master Hybrid Technician, loves these cars, owns nine of them (including a VOLT) and has been training techs since May of 2000 when he added hybrid technology to his Honda/Acura class. Now hybrid training is a full time job, and his Honda Insight is 12 years old. Craig’s classes sell out wherever he goes.

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In eight hours you will understand what a hybrid is; learn about the high voltage systems, regenerative braking, and get real answers. Some of these hybrids run at 650 volts, so safety is a must!

Independent techs are working on these cars now, so don’t be left out.
What will you learn?
How the Hybrid system works
Hybrid A/C systems
How old diagnostics strategies still work on hybrids
Testing the electric motors
What is normal, what is not
How to handle a dead battery
Nickel Metal Hydride/Li-ion batteries, what do I need to know
Re generative braking, what is it, how does it work?
Air Conditioning Systems, what is different
How to detect hybrid problems with a scan tool
Quick Tips and a whole lot more
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Your Instructor: Craig Van Batenburg, CEO

You can ride along with Craig while he travels. Click on link below.

Craig Van Batenburg is the owner of the Automotive Career Development Center, known as ACDC, a training company in Worcester, Massachusetts. Craig delivers technical and management seminars nationally. His style of training is down-to-earth, knowledgeable, and dynamic. To stay current with changes in automotive technology, he receives over 150 hours of training annually. Craig is a leader in hybrid technical training. Craig is a certified trainer with the Automotive Management Institute; instructor and graduate of Accredited Automotive Manager; Automotive Service Association. He is a certified Master Technician with advanced level (L1) skills. Craig has been a tech all of his adult life, first at Japanese dealerships and then at his own Independent 'Japanese Only' repair shop. Craig's over 40 years of experience will guarantee a very informative and entertaining session and something for everyone.

Craig’s new 2012 Hybrid book is included with the class. It is worth $149.

Let me know if you can host a class.
Craig Van Batenburg, CEO
My number is 800 939 790
Craig Van Batenburg

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