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Electric Vehicle
First Pure-Electric Vehicle Now Available for Consumers in China
By Sherry Li and Micheal Austin
Oct 27, 2011, 10:02

Oct 26, 2011 -- SHENZHEN, China -- (BUSINESS WIRE)--With public EV charging infrastructure achieving critical mass in the city of Shenzhen, China, BYD announced that starting today their popular five-passenger, long-range, all-electric cross-over vehicle, the BYD e6, will be available for consumer purchases (previously available for fleet purchases). Consumers in Shenzhen will receive a substantial government subsidy — equivalent to about $18,000 USD (or 120,000 RMB) — and the e6 unsubsidized price will start at ~$56,900 (or 369,800 RMB). The final price to consumers will be ~$38,430 (or 249,800 RMB). This is the very first domestic, long-range, all-electric vehicle for sale to consumers in China. BYD e6s are a familiar sight in Shenzhen and have been in operation in government and taxi fleets for nearly 18 months. The Shenzhen taxi fleet, using BYD’s e6 exclusively, have accumulated over 3.8 million fleet miles (or 6 million Km) — many of these single e6’s with mileage over 100,000 miles (or 160,000 Km). BYD estimates that this single-car-mileage is equivalent to over 10 years’ usage for real-world consumers. The excellent quality and success of the e6 and the stable battery performance have now been recognized by operators and consumers alike in Shenzhen.
BYD e6 Electric

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