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$3000 Reward For Compressor Expert
Feb 6, 2007, 14:30

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$3000 Reward!
For Finding Us Another True Compressor Expert

Many of us know a compressor expert who can identify the circled units below, but we require more. The person we want needs to be able to identify the pumps in the circles at the bottom...and many more! (Click on the links for larger images.)

Please ask these questions of your candidate
What parts are used to rebuild all automotive A/C compressors?
The subtle differences in port shapes and sizes?
What modifications are required to change a unit to fit an alternate application?
How to lead and instruct others in quality rebuilding methods?

Is he willing to work long hours?
Is he willing and able to relocate?
Is he motivated by money?

IF HE IS QUALIFIED AND TRULY INTERESTED IN THIS POSTION, PLEASE HAVE HIM CALL JOHN, in California, at 800-883-8929 OR 707-769-8929. OR EMAIL JOHN: imcool@imcool.com.

Note: John will not identify us to you, nor will he identify you to anyone else but us.

Reward paid at the end of 365 days of employment to the person or business who sends the right applicant to us.

Easy Compressor 1
Easy Compressor 1 - icon

Easy Compressor 2 
Easy Compressor 2 - icon

Easy Compressor 3 
Easy Compressor 3 - icon

Easy Compressor 4 
Easy Compressor 4 - icon

Easy Compressor 5 
Easy Compressor 5 - icon

Easy Compressor 6 
Easy Compressor 6- icon

Tough Compressor 1 
Tough Compressor 1 - icon

Tough Compressor 2 
Tough Compressor 2

Tough Compressor 3 
Tough Compressor 3 - icon

If you aren't aware of any potential candidates, please use the "Email this article" link at the top to forward this offer to friends and associates who may know of someone.
Thank you.
Note: This is a paid advertisement. The reward will be paid by the Advertiser, not by Cool Profit$ Magazine or goHTSN.com.

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