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New Cooling System Flusher and Heater Core Flusher from VIPER!
By goHTSN Staff
Nov 28, 2006, 16:32

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Available January 1, 2007 from Clore Automotive, the new VIPER Cooling System Flusher provides complete cooling system flushing, plus component flushing for the radiator, heater core, and intake manifold and engine block.  Providing simple, thorough and economical flushing, the new Cooling System Flusher is designed to flush debris and contaminants from cooling system components during repair and maintenance applications. Powered by shop air and utilizing a garden hose hook-up, it features patented pulsating action to provide superior results over simple flushing.

Use it to remove contaminants and debris from cooling system components whenever you have to access the vehicle’s system, enabling you to get the job done right the first time and reduce the chance of a comeback.

VIPER Cooling System Flusher, Part No. 5125

Model No. 5125 includes a Pulsating Flush Gun Assembly with Air Regulator, Fresh Water Backflow Preventer, Heater Core Whip Hose with Small Universal Tip, Universal Coolant Adapter, 5/8” Quick Connect Heater Hose Adapter and 3/4” Quick Connect Heater Hose Adapter in a convenient Storage Case.

The VIPER line of Cooling System Service Products includes Service Equipment, Diagnostic Tools and Accessories to meet all service, repair and maintenance needs. Clore Automotive is a leader in the design, development and manufacture of automotive service equipment for professionals, including portable power sources, battery chargers, cooling system service equipment and automatic transmission fluid exchange equipment. More information can be found at www.cloreautomotive.com.

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