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Extensive Hands-on Training For Hybrids
By goHTSN Staff
Jun 16, 2006, 19:12

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Worcester, MA - JUNE 12, 2006 - Craig Van Batenburg, an internationally renowned hybrid expert, will hold the first-ever hands-on, extensive training event for average auto-repair-shop owners and technicians, on June 16-19 at D.J.'s Auto Repair in Leominster, MA. The purpose of "Up Your Voltage! Four Days of Hybrid Heaven" is to make technicians proficient on hybrid repair so that consumers have a choice of where to get their hybrids repaired when they need service or have problems. "Up Your Voltage!," which is drawing repair-shop owners and technicians from as far away as Australia, Alaska, Canada and the West Coast, is a series of workshops held exclusively in Worcester County.
Gov. George Pataki and Craig Van Batenburg in Albany on 5-16-05

"Most auto consumers are told by auto dealerships, 'You must have your hybrid fixed at our dealership'," says Van Batenburg, founder and owner of the Automotive Career Development Center (ACDC) in Worcester, MA. "In fact, the law of the land allows anyone who is qualified to fix your hybrid as long as the repair or service does not void the manufacturer's warranty."

After teaching hybrid technology in classrooms for years, Van Batenburg kept hearing the same request: "I want an extensive hands-on class on hybrids." "Up Your Voltage!" will provide four days of hands-on training for a maximum of 12 repair-shop owners and technicians, who will be taught in groups of three each by four qualified instructors, using six hybrids owned by the ACDC and another four hybrids that are borrowed. The owners and technicians will have the opportunity to study, drive, test, scan, service and take apart these cars. Besides a fee of $1,599, which includes everything except airfare, all Van Batenburg asks is that the hybrids still run when the participating owners and technicians are finished with them.

In a News Conference on Monday, June 19 at 11 a.m. at D.J.'s Auto Repair at 1150 Central Street in Leominster, Van Batenburg, D.J.'s Auto Repair owner Danny Pothier, the participating repair-shop owners and technicians and the qualified trainers will be available to discuss and answer questions about hybrids vehicles and hybrid repair and service. They will also be available to talk about the environmental, economic, social and political issues surrounding hybrid technology.

To hear a 1 minute 30 second audio clip, in MP3 format, of Craig Van Batenburg talking about why you should cover the "Up Your Voltage!" News Conference on June 19, visit Craig.

For more information on "Up Your Voltage! Four Days of Hybrid Heaven" as well as on the Automotive Career Development Center, call Craig Van Batenburg at 508.400.4657, e-mail him at craig@auto-careers.org, or visit ACDC.
Who Is Craig Van Batenburg?

Craig Van Batenburg is a Master Hybrid Technician. He was the owner and lead technician of Van Batenburg's Garage Inc. in Worcester, MA, from 1977 to 2004. Prior to then, he received extensive training at automotive and motorcycle dealerships. His specialty is Honda and Acura, with a deep background in Asian technology.

He owns the Automotive Career Development Center in Worcester, MA, which he founded in 1998 to develop new classes. He has trained more than 4,000 independent technicians in hybrid systems since his first class in early 2000. He is certified with Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New York state for their state emission programs, offering OBDII training. He also contributes articles, both technical- and management-related, to Motor Age, Auto Inc, and Action magazines.

Van Batenburg delivers management and technical seminars nationally. During a conference this September in Frankfurt, Germany, he is scheduled to address automotive air-conditioning technicians from throughout Europe on hybrid repair and service issues. His class, which will occur during the week of Automechanika Innovation 2006 in Frankfurt, will be translated into 14 languages.

He receives more than 150 hours of training annually in order to stay current with the changes in automotive technology and is a leader in electric/hybrid technical training. He works with state government on air-quality issues, is a certified Automotive Management Institute instructor and graduate, and is Aspire-trained as a technical instructor. ACDC owns three Toyota Prius, two Honda Insights, and a Civic Hybrid as company cars and for research.

In March 2005, Van Batenburg was shown repairing a hybrid during a report on hybrids by Anne Thompson for Countdown with Keith Olbermann on MSNBC.

In May 2005, during the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association's 2005 Tour de Sol national green-car show and competition in upstate New York, New York Governor George Pataki zpresented him a certificate for the ACDC's involvement with the Tour de Sol (see attached photo, in JPEG format).

In the April 2006, Van Batenburg was quoted extensively in a Consumer Reports feature article titled "The Dollars and Sense of Hybrids."

In June 2006, ACDC took part in the first-ever hybrid road rally sanctioned by the Sports Car Club of America during the SCCA's Green Grand Prix in Watkins Glen, NY. ACDC finished in the top 10 in a 2004 Toyota Prius, averaging 53.7 miles per gallon. During the event, Van Batenburg gave a speech on "Media Myths: Where the Media Have Misreported Information About Hybrids."

To hear Van Batenburg as a regular expert on This New Car: Clean, Mean Driving Machines, a 13-part series on WICN/90.5 FM, the NPR affiliate serving Central New England, visit This New Car. The audio is in MP3 format. WICN broadcast and webcast the 30-minute show this January 8 through April 2. This July 9 through October 1, WICN will re-broadcast and re-webcast the show on Sundays at 10 p.m. (Eastern). To learn more about "This New Car," visit TNC.

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