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New SUPER SEAL TOTAL AUTO™: Four-in-one A/C Preventative Maintenance Product
By goHTSN Staff
Apr 27, 2009, 14:29

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Toronto, Canada — Apr 25, 2009 — Cliplight Mfg., a leading Automotive Aftermarket tool manufacturer, has introduced SUPER SEAL TOTAL AUTO™ the Automotive industry's first four-in-one product that combines a moisture eliminator, acid preventer, ultra-violet (UV) leak detector and micro leak sealer for the prevention, and detection of common A/C system corrosion and leak problems.
SUPER SEAL TOTAL AUTO™ is the next generation of Cliplight's renowned Super Seal product line of A/C sealants for micro leaks. Like classic Super Seal Premium™, SUPER SEAL TOTAL AUTO™ comes in a vacuum-packed can with a charging hose and is injected into the Low Side service port of an operating Automotive A/C system. While the original Super Seal Premium™ is recommended for sealing undetectable or inaccessible micro leaks, SUPER SEAL TOTAL AUTO™ is a four-in-one preventative maintenance product designed for systems before and/or after a leak occurs:

1. Moisture Elimination: Super Seal products work best in a clean, dry system; therefore SUPER SEAL TOTAL AUTO™ includes a small amount of Cliplight's drying agent, DRY R AUTO™, to eliminate system and filter/drier moisture. This creates a stable environment for the sealant to do its work. DRY R AUTO™ leaves no residue and doesn't use current industry approaches of masking the H2O by lowering its freezing point or converting it to oil-like substances or soft polymers. A drier system also leads to increased performance and longer operating life.

2. Acid Prevention: Acid cannot form in a system without the presence of moisture, which is eliminated by DRY R AUTO™.

3. Leak Detection: A very low dose of Cliplight's renowned ultra-violet leak detection Flash UV dye is included to find immediate and future leaks should they occur. Since the dye is part of the SUPER SEAL TOTAL AUTO™ formula, conventional dye injection and messy cleanup steps are avoided. Each can of SUPER SEAL TOTAL AUTO™ includes the lowest ratio of dye to system oil/refrigerant in the industry and is extremely stable due to the moisture-free environment created by DRY R AUTO™. The dye is universal and can be detected by all UV lights.

4. Leak Sealing: Just like classic Super Seal Premium™, a Top 20 Tool winner in 2001, New & Improved SUPER SEAL TOTAL AUTO™ retains all the original attributes and is now formulated to proactively prevent future leaks as they occur. Hundreds of thousands of leaking automotive A/C systems have been repaired with classic Super Seal Premium™.

For more information on Cliplight, an ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturer and its Automotive A/C refrigeration products please email sales@cliplight.com, call 1-800-526-7096 or visit www.cliplight.com/automotive to watch a training video.

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