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Flo-Dynamics Enhances A/C Flushing
By goHTSN Staff
Apr 20, 2009, 17:33

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Elkhart, IN — April 15, 2009 — Flo-Dynamics, a brand of Norco Industries, Inc., has released its FK310 A/C Flush Kit.  The FK310 enables component or system flushing using any R134a A/C service equipment that recovers, recycles and recharges.  When used with the Flo-Dynamics CCST388, the process is fully automatic.
Flo-Dynamics FK310 A/C Flush Kit
The FK310 flushing process uses recycled or virgin liquid R134a stored in the A/C equipment to flush oil and debris from the system or its components. The kit comes with a surge tank, universal adapters, external filters and a hose for connecting equipment in series with the system or a component. It works by first connecting to the component(s) to be flushed. Then pulling a vacuum and charging 4-5 lbs of R134a. The liquid refrigerant moves through the component(s), is filtered and then fills the external tank. The a/c equipment then recovers and recycles the R134a. The process is repeated three times. When used with the CCST388, oil is measured automatically, but when used with other equipment, the user will observe incremental oil removed during flushing.
Flo-Dynamics CCST388 A/C Charge/Recycler
“Refrigerant flushing preferred by several OEMs,” says Chuck Abbott, Director of Business Development for Flo-Dynamics. “Instead of buying a machine dedicated to flushing, the FK310 enables the use of your existing equipment, or for fully automatic flushing the use of our CCST300, or CCST388.”

The FK310 is just the latest effort by Flo-Dynamics to enhance the capabilities of A/C equipment. It also offers a diagnostic module (DM300) for its CCST300/388 as well as automatic dye injection (DK300). For more information, visit our Website at www.flodynamics.com.

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