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AAIA Debuts New Groundbreaking Report: Aftermarket FastForward 2012
By goHTSN Staff
Mar 25, 2008, 17:55

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Bethesda, MD March 25, 2008 Looking into the aftermarket crystal ball for 2012, you will find an array of valuable forecasts intended to help complement your market intelligence gathering and challenge your long-term strategic thinking, according to the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association (AAIA), which just released its Aftermarket FastForward 2012 in partnership with Lang Marketing Resources, Inc.

Among the forecasts for 2012 revealed in this new report, you will find the following:

13,000 fewer light vehicle service bays by 2012.
Foreign car and light truck aftermarket product growth will double domestic vehicle.
Of the 80 aftermarket product categories mentioned, find out which 10 will exceed 5.5 percent annual growth.
950 fewer jobbers by 2012.
Two outlets will achieve more than 85 percent of DIY aftermarket product growth.
Traditional WDs will decline 9 percent.
Retail auto parts stores will outnumber Jobber outlets.

"While so much of our industry's attention is focused on the impact of rising fuel costs and other economic pressures, gaining insights into channel analysis, outlet and product trends for the next five years is invaluable," said Kathleen Schmatz, AAIA president and CEO. "This 320-page publication is a one-of-a-kind comprehensive report with unique analytical perspective with some surprising conclusions and forecasts about what our industry will look like in 2012."

Aftermarket FastForward 2012 drills down into the following major subject areas:

Aftermarket size analysis and underlying trends
Service and do-it-yourself market analysis
Domestic and foreign vehicle aftermarket analysis
Passenger car and light truck aftermarket volume
Distribution channel volume/growth
Key traditional channel distributors: warehouses and jobbers
Retail auto parts stores

Aftermarket size analysis is presented for 2006 through 2012. Aftermarket volume is differentiated between products, purchased service and major vehicle segments. Size of the service (do-it-for-me) and do-it-yourself markets is provided through 2012. Regional volume of these market segments, along with regional market growth, is also presented. The following seven major service outlets are analyzed:

Service stations and garages
Foreign specialists
Vehicle dealers
Auto parts stores with bays
Repair specialists
Discount stores/mass merchandisers with bays
Tire stores

For information on purchasing Aftermarket FastForward 2012, contact AAIA at 301-654-6664 or visit the AAIA online Commerce Center at www.aftermarket.org.

About AAIA
AAIA is a Bethesda, Md.-based association whose more than 23,000 member and affiliates manufacture, distribute and sell motor vehicle parts, accessories, service, tool, equipment, materials and supplies. Through its membership, AAIA represents more than 100,000 repair shops, parts stores and distribution outlets.

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