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Just a month away for ACDC's premier HYBRID training event; only two seats left for "Up your Voltage! VIII"
By goHTSN Staff
Mar 4, 2008, 12:49

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Worcester, MA March 1, 2008 ACDC's premier HYBRID training event is a little over one month away, April 3-7, and we have two seats left for "Up your Voltage! VIII" 4 days of Hybrid Heaven. ACDC has added a 2005 Ford Escape Hybrid to our fleet of Priuses, Insights, and a Civic Hybrid. No where else can you get your hands on that many hybrid cars and makes, and because they are owned by ACDC, not borrowed, you can do as you please.

"U.S. HYBRID SALES HIT ALL TIME RECORD IN 2007: U.S. and world wide sales of hybrid vehicles were up 49% in 2007, due largely to a boom in sales in the Midwest, an auto information and marketing company said. Oklahoma led all states with a 143 percent increase in registrations of new hybrid cars and trucks compared with January-July 2006, said Southfield-based R.L. Polk & Co."

As most of you know I have been an ASE Master L1 tech for over two decade, shop owner / technician for 26 years, and the first independent hybrid instructor, starting ACDC hybrid classes in 2000. In fact, I have taught over 6,000 techs in four countries hybrid technology. It is what I love to do.

Why should you take this class? Over 1,100,000 hybrid owners are looking for service in the US and another 600,000 in other countries as well. Once you have taken this 4 day hands on class, I know you will feel ready to take them in for service and actively expand your business to include the most popular segment is growth of any type of car or truck out there. Don't wait to sign up as these seats don't last long. This is a great 4 day class. The first seven training events sold out in under a week after this last chance E mail went out. After teaching hybrid technology in classrooms for years, I kept hearing the same request "I want an extensive hands-on class". OK! It is here.

The short version:
Six hybrid cars (maybe more) are yours for 4 days. Get yourself to Seekonk Mass (near Providence R.I.) on Thursday April 3 and spend 4 days studying, driving, testing, scanning, servicing, and taking these hybrids apart. All I ask is that they run when you leave.

Cost: $2,199.00 (two to a room).
Everything included except airfare. Limited to 16 techs, that is 4 techs per car with your own private trainer. I will be there of course helping everyone. A prior ACDC hybrid class is helpful but not required. Craig reserves the right to limit this class to those that have a sufficient level of hybrid automotive knowledge.

Cost with a private room at same hotel is $2,299.00.
Included: All classes, meals, hotel (4 nights), transportation to and from the airport, training materials, FREE 1000 volt rubber gloves to take home, use of shop equipment, use of hybrid cars, Qualify as an ACDC Master Hybrid Technician and get ACDC hospitality.

To sign up or for more information call me at 800 939-7909 or go to www.auto-careers.org and click on "Class Schedule." Hope to see you there.

Good hotel rates expire on March 15, and the price goes up 100.00 after that.

All of our Hybrid Classes have been well received. See comments at our web site.

Auto Career Development Center: 800 939 7909

If you know you want to enroll, call Deb at 508 400 4656.
Hope to see you in class.

P.S. ACDC has just released an all new 2008 edition of our Hybrid Technology and Service Book, a new set of Hybrid DVD's and more class dates. Cut and paste our web site into your browser and take a look. www.auto-careers.org

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